Love Is In The Air

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My Hubby >,<

"I need you right here by my side"
Thanks for everything Hubby...

rocking female screming \m/

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yo yo yo .. come to rock guuys...
so long, ga posting lagi... and now i'm back with some issue (whatever).
this time we'll talking about the female vocalist who's screaming.. :) it's really cool...
ok, we gonna started with Otep Shamaya. She's the lead vocalist at OTEP/OT3P.

She's not only as a vocalist, but a songwriter too... For me, she's really smart and very rocking the world. A woman who's sing metal genre and also make the song. Fabolous.
She born on 1979, but she's still exist until now. Very very inspirated.
You all must listen her song, i mean the band's song....
OT3P has 5 studio albums.
1. Sevas Tra on 2002
2. House Of Secrets on 2004
3. The Ascension on 2007
4. Smash The control machine on 2009
5. Atavist on 2011

Hollywood Undead

6.04.2011 | 2 komentar

Satu lagi band yang keren punya. Hollywood Undead. Dengan genre American Rap Rock mereka bikin sesuatu yang lain. Sebenernya agak mirip sama Limp Bizkit dikit, trus tampilannya agak mirip Slipknot cz they use Mask as their stuff. Cool.
Nama personilnya juga unik-unik, Charlie Scene, Da Kurlzz, Danny, Funny Man, J-Dog, and Johnny 3 Tears.
Album : 
2008                           : Swan Songs
2011                           : American Tragedy
Nah, buat album American Tragedi, lagu -lagunya lumayan enak dikuping. Coba dengerin yang I Don't Wanna Die sama Been To Hell. Aseeek :)

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